Brandon Webster is a Brooklyn-based Composer, Dramaturg & Storyteller working in Afro-futurisim and Afro-Surrealisim. His work explores Freedom as storytelling and storytelling to explore complex questions relating to blackness, masculinity, queerness and community. MTF MAKER COHORT 1  BMI Musical Theater Workshop Alum Class of 2013. BA regular participant in the MTF POC Roundtable. 2017 MCC Theater Artistic Fellow and Student of Xavier University of Louisiana. Works include HEADLINES (2017), TEA&COMPANY (2013), METROPOLIS (2019) Haze & Fiasco (2020) .



"But You Know That" 

Performed by :

Denise Manning & Djore Nance


BLAIR arrives to the lab to help HELA fix the android that has been exhibiting errors. They very quickly fall into "old patterns" in this musical number from the new Afrofuturist musical METROPOLIS by AriDy Nox & Brandon Webster 

Performed by:

Danyel Fulton and Denise Manning 

In a moment of exhaustion and doubt friend and co-worker KADE reminds HELA why they're working so hard to build a better future for the world.


Performed by: Danyel Fulton 

After Torturing our hero FARI, HELA does her best to deliver the apology that FARI deserves. 


Brandon Webster Works regularly as a Dramaturg. He has done dramaturgy research for MCC Theater and Facilitated workshops for MCC Theater & New York Theater Workshop.He has been a critic for The Theater Times as the Musical Theater Editor and he is an annual reader for national playwriting competitions and maintains a roster of dramaturgical projects yearly. With experience in both traditional playwriting and Storytelling with music (I.E Musicals), he works to cultivate artists' vision and resource artists with information that elevates their work. For more information please email directly. 


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